Zero Overdose, Pear Suite join forces to curb opioid epidemic

Nonprofit organization Zero Overdose is partnering with digital community health worker navigation platform Pear Suite to provide training for community health workers (CHWs) and other home and community-based service providers across the country.

Through the partnership, the companies will provide training to CHWs and other home and community-focused organizations, with a primary goal of improving motivational interviewing and counseling skills, de-escalation, screening and identifying individuals at-risk for suicide, overdose-safety planning and harm-reduction techniques.

Dr. Jorge R. Petit

Board-certified psychiatrist with over three decades in the public healthcare sector. Throughout my journey, I have steered progressively intricate systems of care, orchestrating the achievement of enduring and systemic enhancements in essential service accessibility and provision. I am inherently results-oriented, driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation, and bring a bilingual and bicultural dimension to my leadership. My experience includes navigating and guiding organizational expansion and transformation, consistently yielding positive outcomes.

A hallmark of my expertise lies in developing and implementing high-caliber, quality-driven programs that crystallize into a cohesive, person-centric model of care, deeply embedded within the community fabric. I stand as testament to my ability to produce outcomes that transcend the boundaries of conventional care, fostering an environment where integration is paramount and the individual is at the heart of every endeavor.